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Part 2B of Form ADV: Brochure Supplement

Item 1. Cover Page

Jason Scoggins
Slated Analytics, LLC
7494 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 301
West Hollywood, CA 90046

(310) 916-7131

October 15, 2015

This brochure provides information about Jason Scoggins that supplements the Slated Analytics, LLC. (“Slated Analytics”) brochure. You should have received a copy of that brochure. Please contact William Portwood by email at or by telephone at (404) 317-4781 if you did not receive Slated Analytics’ brochure or if you have questions about the contents of this supplement.

Item 2. Educational Background and Business Experience

Jason Scoggins was born in 1969. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Los Angeles and has over 25 years of business experience, primarily in the entertainment industry. A serial entrepreneur and senior executive, since 2009 Mr. Scoggins has founded and led a series of entertainment industry data-related start-up companies. The first, ItsontheGrid, Inc., was a feature film-related database company that he founded in 2009. Mr. Scoggins served as General Manager for the company and, after the sale of the company to The Wrap News, Inc. in 2011, also became the company’s Chief Product Officer.

After leaving The Wrap in early 2012, Mr. Scoggins co-founded Spec Scout, Inc., a feature film screenplay analysis service whose screenplay scoring system is now part of Slated Analytics’ Project Scoring system. Mr. Scoggins serves as the company's President. In mid-2013, Mr. Scoggins joined Baseline, LLC as General Manager of its internal startup company, Signal Entertainment Marketing, LLC, a product placement and brand integration service for advertisers and agencies. Mr. Scoggins left Signal in September 2014 to join Slated, Inc. (“Slated”) as Vice President of Monetization and has since been named President & Chief Operating Officer of Slated and Chief Executive Officer of Slated Analytics. In October 2014 he co-founded Slate Metrics, Inc. Mr. Scoggins serves as President of the company, a feature film revenue projections service whose algorithms are now also part of Slated Analytics’ project scoring system.

Item 3. Disciplinary Information

Mr. Scoggins has no legal or disciplinary events to disclose.

Item 4. Other Business Activities

Mr. Scoggins currently splits his time between and receives substantially all of his income from his positions with Slated and Slated Analytics.

Slated sponsors an online platform and social network that allows its members to create profile pages for themselves and their film projects, for the purposes of general social networking, strengthening various aspects of their film projects, raising financing, and identifying additional supports, such as venues for distribution.

Item 5. Additional Compensation

Mr. Scoggins receives no compensation for providing advisory services outside of his salary for services provided to Slated Analytics.

Item 6. Supervision

Mr. Scoggins, as the CEO of Slated Analytics, is the principal executive in Slated Analytics’ supervisory structure. Accordingly, he has direct or indirect supervisory authority over all of Slated Analytics’ supervised persons, including himself. He can be reached at (310) 916-7131. Although Mr. Scoggins does not have a direct supervisor, his activities are monitored by Slated Analytics’ Chief Compliance Officer, Bill Portwood, who can be reached at (404) 317-4781.